Friday, May 2, 2014

Because I can't help it.

I'm sorry, but I can't help it. It's in my DNA. I love my flowers. So I take pictures of them. And then of course I just have to post them for you to see. Sorry not sorry. 

Here are some pictures of what is happening in my yard/garden as of this beautiful afternoon:

Sweet little Forget-me-nots. 

Happy Shasta Daisies. 


My majestic Japanese maple. 

My raspberry plant! Yum!

And look at this darling little tomato plant. He's so cute. 

Sunshiny Ranunculus. And petunias. 

A happy dog. 

Pretty pink phlox. 

And even though this wasn't in my yard, here's Kennedy. Because she's adorable in her soccer uniform. With her cute little belly she always pokes out. 

Yay for spring! And flowers! And soccer! And blogging!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A post of random musings.

Today I will share with you a smorgasbord of thoughts, facts, events, etc.... basically whatever I feel like sharing with you. Because this is my blog. And I am entitled to do so.


- Planning for a wedding can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. So, we decided to make it a little more fun by remodeling our kitchen at the same time. Because we are brilliant.

- Kennedy got glasses! And she looks adorable.

Todavía estoy aprendiendo español. Pero es muy difícil porque no tengo suficiente tiempo.

- Kennedy and Maddie are in love. Watching them play is one of my most favorite things.


- I wish water tasted like Diet Coke.

- I wish that broccoli tasted like really delicious chocolate.

- I have some pretty fun girlfriends. Who apparently like to pull the duck face. I just try to look like I'm singing and they are my back up dancers/posers.

  And then when they decide to look normal, I balance myself in a squatting position. Because that's completely normal.

- Did you know that today (March 27) is "National Joe Day"? Well it is! So grab a cup of Joe with your friend named Joe. Or change your name to Joe. Or Josephina.

- Mi novio es muy guapo.

- We went to see the Ute's Gymnastics meet a few weeks ago. Good times were had by all.

- After a vigorous morning of skiing, Kennedy and I like to sit in the lodge and wait for Casey.

- I need new shoes. Need. Yes, need.

- My office is cold. But the space heater makes it too hot. And I'm just going to keep on complaining about it.

- Casey and I had a fancy date night and went to see Les Mis at Hale Theater. It was fantastic! (Thank you again for the tickets, mom!)

- I think I need a "sleep in and then wear my pajamas and no bra and have no responsibilities" type of day. If it requires a bra or shoes, I don't want to do it.

- I love our dog. I often see her napping like this:

(I tried to tell her to close her legs, but she wouldn't listen.)

At night, she sleeps in Kennedy's room. Sometimes with Kennedy on her bed, and sometimes right by the door. 

 - I like dark chocolate.

- I love to smell my hair (when it smells good).

- Kennedy and I are taking a girls' trip to see my mom in a few weeks! YAY!  Casey is probably already planning a fun guys' weekend going to cry without me.

- I LOVE BEING ABLE TO SEE!! The eye surgery was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I love it so much.

- I think people need to blog more often. What happened??? 

- The end.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The perfect gift.

I can see.

For the first time in my cognizant life, I can see the the
grooves in the ceiling when I wake up in the morning.

I can wake up in the middle of the night and find my way to the bathroom
without tripping over the dog. Or a shoe. Or without running into a wall.

I will finally be able to swim and play in the ocean without the fear of losing a contact.

For the first time in my life, I will be able to go camping without clumsily
feeling around the tent to find some clean water to rinse out and put in my contacts.

I will no longer writhe in pain when I get a speck of dust in my eye. OUCH.

If we are under attack by zombies, I no longer have to
worry about being completely blind and helpless. Bring it on.

I no longer have to hold my phone three inches away
from my nose when I'm lying in bed at night...and have it
slip out of my hand and smack me in the face.

I can finally go on vacation and not worry about losing/breaking
a contact, and then not being able to see anyone or anything.

I can finally look down at my toes...and see that I still have all of them.

This is pretty dang amazing. 

But there is one thing that makes all of this even more amazing and more special than I ever could have hoped or imagined.

This is my late great-grandmother, Alice (a/k/a Nanny), with me sitting on her lap.  (Circa 1983?)

I have so many fond memories of her.  Memories of playing in her yard, climbing on her peach tree, picking the raspberries, sitting on the porch with her, the smell of her house, the silly songs she used to sing to me, her taking care of me when I was sick, teaching me how to clean, the huge tub of ice cream she always had in her freezer, helping her quilt, the way her macaroni and cheese always tasted so good, seeing the "Tab" cola in her fridge, her telling me the names of all of beautiful flowers in her yard, her putting the sponge curlers in my hair and then calling me "Curly Temple", her cleaning my room and putting things in places where I wouldn't find them for weeks...

She was an incredible woman.  The perfect example of someone who experienced the hard times of growing up on a farm, living through the Great Depression, and who learned that she had to work hard to earn her way in life. She never stopped working until the day she died.

When I was younger, she left a little bit of money in a savings account for me (which she had worked really hard to earn), where it could grow over time. I was told that I would have access to it when I was an adult, after she had passed.  Nanny died in 2005.

After her passing, I couldn't think of anything worthy to spend the money on. Part of a downpayment for a house? No. Because what if I moved? A vacation?... maybe. But I wouldn't have felt right spending her hard-earned money on a vacation. To help pay for school? Eh. Maybe. To get out of debt? No. Nothing seemed good enough. Nothing felt right.

Finally, nine years later, I had found something I thought I could spend it on.  My eyes.  What better gift for my wonderful great-grandmother to give me than the gift of sight? As soon as I made the decision, I got a bit choked up. I cried. I knew this is what she would have wanted for me.

So now, as I sit here typing on my computer, looking at these beautiful pictures of her, without needing contacts or glasses (the first time in 24 years), I am overcome with emotion for this amazing woman. Every time I wake up in the morning and see the grooves in my ceiling, I will think of her. Every time I swim in the ocean without worry of contacts, I will think of her. Every time I look down and see my toes, yes. I will be thinking of her.

But the one thing that makes this even more special... is that I got my blue eyes from her. 

I love you, Nanny. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Still not seeing things. But having fun.

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was going to have eye surgery done so that I would finally be able to have perfect vision. Well... here I am, two months later, still not seeing anything without my glasses. Back in November, when I went in for the consultation, they told me I needed to go without my contacts for 2 WHOLE MONTHS before they would do it. (Luckily, they said I could wear soft contacts during most of the time, so I didn't have to suffer with my glasses.)  Finally, after waiting for 2 (very long) months, I am scheduled to have my eyes poked and prodded on Monday!! I am more ready than ever to get my eyes done. So excited! Gahh!!

Even though I couldn't see anything very well, I made the best of those next two months by filling them up with a LOT of stuff. Fun stuff.  And since that stuff is more exciting than my rant about having to wait to get my eye surgery, I shall tell you all about it. (This is going to be a long post. As per usual. Sorry-not-sorry.)

Thanksgiving happened! And so did a wedding. (No, not mine.)
We made the trek up to Idaho to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my soon-to-be in-laws. Aren't they a lovely bunch? (This is only half of them, btw.)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Casey's younger sister Abby got married.  On the way to the wedding, Kennedy's job was to entertain her adorable little cousin, Julietta. She did a great job. We are seriously obsessed with this baby girl.

The wedding was a lot of fun. Congrats Abby & Ether! Casey's family is pretty dang amazing. (This is a picture of ALMOST all of them.) I can't wait until I can officially call them MY family. 

Our Christmas card happened. (Yes. This is supposed to be a joke. It's ok to laugh, don't worry.)

And to prove that we are actually semi-normal, we also had some 'nice' family photos taken. (By my oh-so-talented mother.)

Santa happened. And we sat on his lap. Kennedy asked for ski clothes for her American Girl Doll. I asked for a vacation. Casey asked for an amazing girlfriend. Santa totally delivered.

Kennedy's haircut happened. She chopped her hair right off. And it looks so dang cute!

Craftiness happened. What is Christmas without a gingerbread house? No Christmas at all, I tell you.

Ice skating happened. (I figured you'd rather see a picture of our smiling faces than our awkwardly skating feet.)

Christmas happened! We filled up my advent calendar (made by said oh-so-talented mother), so we knew it was time for Christmas.

Maddie could smell her present, and was so confused as to why we wouldn't let her open it. Basically it's because we're big fat jerks. (Awww, she looks so sad...)

Luckily she forgave us on Christmas morning. 

Since Kennedy was with her dad for Christmas, Casey and I went to Vegas to spend the week with his family!! So...

Las Vegas happened!

We drove down there with Casey's younger brothers. Aren't they so cute?

We were spoiled with an incredible Christmas dinner at Abby's new in-law's house, who served us a beautiful Chinese meal. With sushi. Yes, it's perfectly normal to be jealous. 

We also had yet another Christmas dinner with (most of) the family the following evening. It was so much fun to spend time with them. Thank you Emily for hosting all of this while you were almost 9 months pregnant!! You're  amazing. And thank you to Alex for cooking us such a gourmet meal. Wow.

I saw my first Cirque du Soleil show. It was so cool! (And pretty weird. But mostly cool.)

I spent LOTS of time with this girl. Ohmygosh. I love her. She is just too cute for words. And she has me wrapped around her finger. Like 5 times. (I told you I was obsessed.)

After we got home from Vegas, New Year's Eve happened. And so did a little shindig at our house, with our beautiful friends. Hello beautiful friends!!

One might think that we were celebrating St. Patrick's Day, with the attire and decorations. But nope. We just like green, I guess.

Kisses happened at midnight. (I can still hear Kennedy and her friends saying "EEEWWW!!" "GROSS!! They're KISSING!")

New Year's Day happened.  I took full advantage of my day off with Kennedy. We went swimming, got pedicures, and took a painting class. Great way to start 2014.

Lots of skiing has happened. And a lot of awesomeness.

Family skiing

Girl-day skiing

And awesomeness.

And Maddie's birthday happened. Happy 1st birthday, Madison Sparkle Price!! 

So. To sum it all up, we've had quite a bit of fun. I can't really complain.

Except... I'm going to.

This is the time of year when I generally get so sick of the nasty poisonous Utah air that I escape to a tropical destination somewhere... and unfortunately, that just isn't happening right now. So yes. I actually CAN complain. See? This is me complaining.

I don't like nasty dirty polluted stinky air.

I don't like the freezing cold.

I don't like dirty month-old icy snow.

I don't like being worried about doing anything outside because the air quality is "hazardous."

I don't like fish. (To eat.)

Or mushrooms.

Ok, enough Debbie Downer-ness for today. Sorry.

I am going to focus on the fact that on Monday, I will be able to SEEEEEE!!!  Also, I will take comfort in the fact that, even though Utah sucks in January, 6 months from now I will be on the beautiful beaches of Cancun with the man I will then be calling my husband!  :)  (Until that time, I will keep myself busy with wedding plans so I can try to forget about the nasty air I am breathing.)